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Recognition of Virtual Education of TCODL

According to Gazette of India published on 04-07-2018 with respect to Notification from UGC

  1. Higher Educational Institutions can offer Certificate, Diploma and Degree Programmes in full-fledged online mode in only those disciplines in which it has already been offering the same or similar Programmes /Courses in regular mode (of classroom teaching) or in Open and Distance Learning mode and from which at least one batch has been passed out and approved by the statutory councils, as applicable.
  2. A Higher Educational Institution should have the demonstrated capability for developing and production of Online Courses or Programmes
  3. By in-house faculty for designing courses of the Course or Programme and developing the same in a manner that can impart skills and knowledge;

Post Graduate Diploma Programmes

              1. Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM)
              2. PGDBM (Marketing Management)
              3. PGDBM (Financial Management)
              4. PGDBM (Human Resource Management)
              5. PGDBM (International Trade Management)
              6. PGDBM (Banking and Finance Management)
              7. PGDBM (Supply Chain Management)
              8. PGDBM (Operations Management)
              9. PGDBM (Retail Management)
              10. PGDBM (Information Technology and Systems Management)

Diploma Programmes

              1. Business Management
              2. Marketing Management
              3. Financial Management
              4. Human Resource Management
              5. International Trade Management
              6. Banking and Finance Management
              7. Supply Chain Management
              8. Retail Management
              9. Operations Management

Certificate Programmes

              1. IT Management
              2. Operations Management
              3. Project Management
              4. Corporate Communication
              5. Business Management
              6. Wealth Management